In Spain we highlight areas like Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Valencia, because they are the cities chosen by Chinese citizens to buy housing in Spain. Highlighting mainly Valencia because it is the Spanish city that has shown a better valuation among Chinese buyers.

Valencia is among the most attractive and interesting cities in Europe for foreign investment. it has become an fashion city with entertainment, cultural and sporty offer with important international events ( motorcycle world championship, Formula1 or Valencia Open Tennis ) , awesome places like City of arts and sciences, the Oceanographic, beauty beaches with crystal clear water, beautiful views, good weather, And exquisite gastronomy as the famous paella with great international demand, which makes it an idyllic place to live and invest.

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But the best thing of all is to have this great variety of characteristics that make it a favourable environment to live, we must emphasize that the cost of living here is  cheaper than compared to other important cities that offer us a similar  life quality. So Valencia is a city that offer us a similar quality to cities like Madrid and Barcelona, but the life cost is more affordable. And thanks to Vivanka, that is the unique real state of the whole region dedicated exclusively to properties and clients of medium-high type. Foreign clients can get the property they need in the shortest possible time as they devote 100% of their efforts to get it.

Wonderful areas as Jativa:

The headquarters of this exclusive real estate is in Jativa, a city that was declared a Historic-Artistic Complex in 1982 and is a fascinating shopping and service area. Also it has a variety and regular cultural offer like the traditional August, the Autumn Outlet Fair, the medieval market on Christmas, East week or the Fallas. But if we must Highlighting some of these wonderful rural places of Spain and Valencia is of course its gastronomy. The Jativa food for example is Mediterranean food where there are a lot of vegetables and fruits so important for Chinese people but. But mainly we have to emphasize the rice that is the main ingredient in many typical Mediterranean dishes like baked rice or the unforgettable and delicious paella.

In conclusion Spain and mainly the Valencian community is an idyllic place to combine work, life and holidays, because there are places in the world that are worth experiencing in life and this incredible country is one of them. With Vivanka you can dream with a place like that and live it. Because Vivanka is always looking for the clients´ happiness, for enjoying of their new home or any other property during a lot of years. So simply “Dream a home and live it”.