Spain has a good services and a good life quality that is better than others countries, and the prices are prices are below the European average, improving the purchasing power of Chinese families who can come to live here.

It is easier and cheaper to access luxury homes, because there are such important and notable furniture as "Vivanka Inmobiliaria" that offer a lot of luxury properties with great prices. Vivanka has wide experience in the business world offering a home tailored to the wishes and needs of the client with the best value for money and always with a direct and exquisite treatment by its real estate agents, who have a very complete multidisciplinary training and extensive experience in the sector.

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Vivanka has the main objective of always generating trust and an emotional relationship with the client. It is a real estate agency with great professionalism and with great success in its sales, that provides a quality service personalized for its clients offering magnificent real estate.

Although it has been conducting successful national operations for many years, Vivanka has expanded abroad a year ago successfully conducting many of its real estate operations internationally. Offering for example a real state brokerage service “Premium” directed to the Chinese market with high purchasing power, presenting personally the projects to Chinese investors, introducing the properties of their clients at the most important fair in Asia (in Shanghai) or taking the necessary steps to facilitate the sale of the property such as prepare each project with professional photos and the property videos, online brochure in pdf, as well as descriptions in Chinese and English. It also offers advice and help the buyer client to obtain a mortgage loan in the best market conditions, with the aim to favour the purchase of a house or simply offers to accompany interested customers to visit the real estate with Chinese translators, to facilitate communication and to get and get sale or purchase of the property. These are some of the great services that Vivanka can offer, it is a real estate agency focused on exclusive properties for unique clients. Below is shown a little information about Vivanka;