The preferred sectors in Spain for Chinese investors are the real estate, hotel and food industries. For example the HNA company controls 29,5% of the hotel chain NH Hotels or that Miquel Alimentación was acquired by Bright Foods for 110 million. But there are more, The Chinese giant Fosun bought 20% of Osborne group. Although the most charismatic investor has been the magnate Wang Jianlin. Through his company Wanda was made with 20% of Atletico Madrid because the soccer sector is another attractive market to invest in Spain. Also Another sector that interests is the aeronautics industry where recently China Aviation Industry Corporation, (AVIC), has announced the Aritex purchase, technological company of the Spanish company Comsa.

Also Chinese wine group Changyu Pioneer Wine bought 75% of the family group "Marqués de Atrio", one of the five huge wineries in Spain, or The Chinese electronic commerce giant Alibaba, which opened its first office in Spain in Madrid with the aim of showing Spanish companies, the potential of selling their products in China. In the last year, Spanish exports have increased significantly, Chinese investments in Spain have almost unlimited potential and the number of Chinese tourists visiting us has grown at a steady rate (15% a year).

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Therefore, the import of China to Spain is in a very good time, so good that Beijing has described Spain as one of its most reliable partners in the old continent. In addition, in 2010 China considered Spain as the third tourist destination in the world, with 56 million international arrivals during that year, according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO).

But Spain also to be a formidable country to invest, also it is to live. There are a lot of reasons for living in Spain: Spain has awesome natural landscapes, beautiful villages, a lot of fun, popular parties and there are few countries with rural areas like those that are in Spian, with glamour, natural beauty, an incredible patrimony, an amazing history, a singular custom, an Mediterranean lifestyle with an amazing weather and its Excellent gastronomy that allows a quiet and healthy lifestyle or the joy and human quality of the people that make it the best country in Europe to live placidly.